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Association Website… WHY?

Any association that plans to operate effeciently and communicate effectively should consider owning their own piece of internet real estate. Your website can serve as a representative that answers questions about your association, offers 24/7 customer service and keep everyone informed on important issues even when your board or management company is not available.

It is important to realize that a community website can help reduce printing, mailing and administrative costs all the while providing instant access to important information. Some states require that community associations make certain documents readily available to all the members. Effective communication within a neighborhood is crucial, and a website is the perfect means of posting your newsletters, meeting minutes, official documents and urgent messages.

RRR Imaging… WHY?

RRR Imaging specializes in building and hosting quality websites that captures the individuality of our clients. We strive to build websites that load quickly and entice visitors to stay longer and return frequently. RRR Imaging will work closely with you to create a "best fit" solution for your online presence.


We specialize in dynamic websites that can be maintained by an administrator appointed by the association. We find that it is unfair to charge an association for work that they can easily accomplish on their own.

  • Perform updates whenever you need them, not whenever the developer gets time.

  • Things get lost in translation. Do you really want a developer to interpret your important announcements into their best guess at what you needed to say?

  • Did we mention the savings? Developers charge upwards of $80/hr for maintenance. Using an intuitive set of tools designed to put you in control of your site, the administrator can easily make nearly all changes. We do charge $30/hr for major development, but that is very rarely necessary and we may even do it for free if we determine the work to be useful to our other clients.


RRR Imaging allows you to choose from a set of pre-designed layouts, and then we work with you to tailor it to suite your tastes. What we end up with is a unique site for your association that can be setup and running within hours.


You get to choose the features to display on your website and your appointed administrator can make changes to that list at anytime using the admin tools. We strive to give you all the power of maintaining your own site without the headache of learning extensive programming languages. We are always looking at ways to improve our homeowners experience on our sites, and welcome any new ideas for features, or improvements. With the recent addition of Page Level Security, administrators can now determine who can access each page and change that access at any time. Here are two sites recently published: Cottonwood Creek And Retreat At Rockrimmon

A Few Key Features


Online Forms

Surveys & Polls

Upload Documents

Photo Gallery

Classified Ads

Dynamic Menu

Events Calendar

Map & Directions

Management Information

Newsletters & Archives

Meeting Minutes

Local Agencies

Committee Information

Add / Remove Pages

Sub Associations

Email Subscribers

Visitor Statistics

Page Level Security

Your Own Domain Name

What’s All This Going To Cost?

$385.00 - One Time Website Design/Setup: Includes working with the association appointed administrator to choose the site scheme and colors. Then we’ll work to design a creative look for your website. The setup fee is due with the signed website agreement.

$200 Per Year - Hosting, Domain Name, and Features: If you already own your own domain name, we can transfer that domain for you too. Annual fee is due with the signed website agreement, and then annually on the anniversary date of the domain registration.

Common Questions

Do I need coding experience to maintain our site?
No. This is why we have designed and built intuitive administration tools into your association site.

Why aren’t your rates based on the number of homes?
Most of our competitors charge higher fees for more homes. We don’t see a need to charge more for the same service. The costs of designing and hosting are the same for 1 home or 1000 homes.

Why are you providing dynamic sites when the real money is in maintaining them?
We realize community associations are on a budget with both spare time and money. We enable the association to update their site when they are ready, how they want, and best of all, no hourly fees.

How long will it take to create an association website?
Normally the site can be made available within minutes to the administrator so they can start publishing documents and writing the descriptive text for the pages. The design aspect can be done in parallel with the administrator updating the site content. The whole process is usually completed within a few hours depending on how unique you decide to make your site.

What site designs do you have available?
You can visit our HOA Websites Designs page Here. Keep in mind that our clients’ websites are designed with the help of the appointed administrator, and the scheme is just the starting point. If your association prefers a custom header with your logo, or you have a really good idea, share it with us. We often create custom designed headers for free as long as we are allowed to use similar designed headers on other association sites.

How do we upload our documents that are only on paper?
You can take them to a copy center (i.e. Fedex Kinkos, OfficeMax) and have them scanned in. If you have documents that are not in Adobe PDF format, we offer free PDF creation utility so your administrator can easily convert most any document into a PDF file for the web.

What if we don’t have a domain name?
We’ll register one for you. The price is already included in your fees to us. Your site administrator will supply us with 3 optional choices and we will check to see if they are available. If not, we will suggest some optional names that are available and you can pick the best one.

What if we already have a domain name that we want to use?
No problem, we will work with your current account holder to get it transferred for you. Normally we can do this for free as long as no fees are charged by your previous registrar and they are cooperative. Once transferred, your annual fee includes the automatic renewal of your domain name. Additional domain names are $15 per yr, so you can have .com and .org domains for just $15 more each year.

What if I decide to leave RRR Imaging, can I keep the domain name?
Yes. The domain name as well as documents and photos supplied by the association are the property of the homeowner association. The website code and artwork remain the property of RRR Imaging. If you decide to leave, we will release the domain name to the registrar of your choice. This will enable you to use the domain name to create a new website. We will not charge you to transfer the domain name, but we may hold onto it until your account is current.

Why use a professional design company instead of doing it ourselves?
Chances are good that someone within your community may be able to design and maintain your association’s website, but will they do what’s in the best interest of the association? What happens when they move or get too busy? Can they manage a hosting account? What about conflicts of interest? These are all good questions to consider before making any type of commitment.

Designs | Site List | Prices
(Click Here For Printable PDF Brochure)
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