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HOA Web Prices

Our fees are based on your administrator uploading the documents, completing text descriptions, supplying pictures of the community and working with us to ensure the look and feel of the site fits the needs and expectations of the individuals living in the community.

Homeowner Associations (HOA's)





  • Site built using pre-designed Styles that we customize to meet your individual needs
  • Association chooses primary colors and design
  • Site content is maintained by the HOA admin or property manager
  • Dynamic Menu allows the admin to rename and turn features on and off
  • Key pages including: Photo Gallery, Events Calendar, Online Survey's
  • No coding experience necessary with our intuitive admin tools
  • The site's documents can be uploaded and maintained by the site admin
  • Page Level Security that gives the admin the ability to control access to any page
  • Price includes domain name registration, hosting, and initial build of the site
  • Examples: Current Site Listings

One Time
Design & Setup:

Annual Hosting & Registration:


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Transfer your current domain name
(free if during site build)



The first domain name is included in your fees. Additional domain names can be pointed to your site for a yearly fee due with your annual renewal.



Our sites are built to be easily updated by you or your assigned admin. Maintenance performed by RRR Imaging is rare, and depends on client need, regularity of updates, etc.

$30/hr billed

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