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HOA Website Designs

The HOA websites can basically be broke down into 3 major parts as shown in this diagram
Header: This section of the site is where the association name will be displayed on your choice of style. Some sample headers are below, or we can create a custom one to better suite your assocation.
Menu & Notes: This section is where the menu, dynamic notes/alerts, weather, site updated info and visitor counter will be displayed.
Content: This section is used to display the major content of the site, and changes depending on which menu item is selected. The opening content page will usually have a montage* of the association and a welcome message for any visitors. A marquee is also available to the admin so they can display special notices for the homeowners.

* created by RRR Imaging from photos supplied by the admin

Be sure to check out the Site Listings to visit some of the sites and get a better idea of how your site could look and function.

To see a partial list of colors to choose from, please see our Color List

Site Themes

We are currently working from the designs listed below, but we may get creative and create a new theme at any time. If you have any ideas for your theme, let us know as we are always looking to expand.

See "Sample Site Headers" below for examples


(The Arbors)




(Cottonwood Creek)


(Heights At Templeton)

Rounded View

(Sand Creek Villas)


(Sierra Pointe)


(Bluffmont Estates)


Sample Site Headers

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